Best Physical Therapy In Rego Park

Did you know there are many choices for the type of treatment you receive in physical therapy? Not only do you have a choice of which physical therapist to see, you can also opt for a number of newer treatments that can quickly make you feel great again. Here’s what you need to know about our modern yet Best Physical Therapy In Rego Park and which lots of therapists to choose.

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation – The Initial Evaluation

When a patient arrives at a PT’s (Physical Therapist’s) office, the PT would carry out a detailed assessment of the patient’s mobility, range of motion, functional movements and strength. The basis for these assessments is the individual’s complaints. The Best Physical Therapy In Rego Park treatment strategy would incorporate therapeutic exercise, manual therapy and modalities such as heat, mechanical spinal traction, electrical stimulation and ice to achieve the patient’s treatment objectives and help him get back to a favorable level of function.

Best Physical Therapy In Rego Park

Best Physical Therapy In Rego Park

The Need for Physical Therapy is Increasing

You may have noticed that the number of physical therapy facilities is growing by leaps and bounds. That’s no accident; Americans are participating more in sports and other physical activities and more often injuring themselves. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is forecasting that the number of physical therapy practices will grow by almost a third over the course of the next three years. And while they used to be found mainly in hospital settings, many physical therapists now work out of their own offices, providing more flexible hours and services.

Therapeutic exercises are of different types depending on the nature of the problem. This includes exercises to increase endurance and improve balance, and exercises for strengthening, stretching and post-surgical rehabilitation. The exercise plan for a particular patient is determined again based on his individual complaint. Manual therapy involves application of the hands on areas of the patient’s body with the intention of increasing mobility and reducing pain. Soft tissue, joint and nerve mobilizations are some examples of how manual therapy is used to improve joint mobility, loosen and stretch muscles and reduce nerve irritation such as that observed in sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and other musculo skeletal conditions that may lead to tingling and numbness in the arms or legs. The physical therapist might additionally use modalities to assist with the reduction of swelling, pain and inflammation.

Ailments Treated

People suffering from any of the following conditions can benefit from the treatment:

• Carpal tunnel syndrome

• Rehabilitation following surgery

• Balance problems

• Cardiac rehabilitation

• Stroke rehabilitation

• Hip fractures

• Neck pain

• Muscle strains and sprains

• Arthritis

• Constant respiratory problems

• Ankle, knee or foot problems

Finding the Right Professional for Physical Therapy Treatment

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If you think you could benefit from Best Physical Therapy In Rego Park services, the first thing you should do is find yourself a good physical therapist or a multi-specialty healthcare center where these services are offered. You primary care physician, friends, colleagues or relatives might know of some good practitioner or two. Look for websites pertaining to these professionals, information about their qualifications, reputation and experience and prepare a shortlist. Get in touch with these practitioners and use your judgment to determine whether a particular practitioner would be suitable for your requirement.

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